Monday, December 12, 2011

Random Thoughts: Polishing shoes

Do people polish their shoes any more?  Or repair them when they're worn?  The shoe repair place (at least the one I know of) closed down years ago.  Times have changed, but when I was a kid I loved to watch my dad polish shoes.  I'm sure he still has his wooden shoe-shine kit up on the shelf in his closet.  He'd wrap a piece of plastic around his fingers to protect them from the polish, then wrap the cloth around that before dipping it into the can of polish. Then after polishing he'd buff the shoes and they'd look and smell so good. I digress. 
After & Before

My friend in college, Cindy, taught me how to use Mink Oil on my Doc Martens, and I still have the same can and various orphan socks for applying it.  I use it on Steve's work shoes, and then try not to say anything to see if he notices that the shoe-polishing fairy came for a visit. 


Elizabeth @ Virginia Is For Mothers said...

I still polish my shoes. I figure it's way cheaper than buying an actual new pair even if it is also another thing to add to the chore list.

Reid Walker said...

Loved this! Did he notice?
I have my shoes repaired because I', hard on my work shoes. I loved my guy in Winchester- he was a little flaky but got the job done, eventually. :)
Tony's Shoe Repair
2210 Wilson Blvd, Winchester, VA 22601 540-723-0099

Anne said...

Thanks, Reid! I caved before he had a chance to notice. :)