Monday, April 23, 2012

Bowen, 6 months

It's April and it's raining.  Babies.  There are three sweet itty bitty people (Truett, Kinsey, Micah) that have come into my life in the past month alone, making Bowen look like a big ol' melon-head like never before. 

But when I put a melon next to him it turns out he actually looks like a little baby. 

And here are his cute wittle feet, finally getting some fresh air after being in socks for the past six months.

Last weekend we were sitting out back on a beautiful afternoon.  The kids were happy and relaxed and the light was good, so I was snapping away and wound up with this gem.

And then I handed Steve the camera because I rarely have pictures of myself, and he snapped away and wound up with this gem.   

Now I need to actually get them printed and framed.  I love taking pictures but I'd rather leave all the logistics to my nonexistent personal assistant.


Pretty Things said...

Baby feet are the BEST and that photo of you with the kidlets is terrific!

Anonymous said...

Both are gems, indeed! I'm glad you are liking your new lens. That is the one I have too. Jill