Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Coziness

It's rainy and windy today, and rather than go to the grocery store after Steve got home I opted to stay home.  After all, Steve is the person I was waiting to see all day (it was his first full day at the office) and we can go to the store tomorrow.  Here's a post I wrote four years ago about the Swedish concept of Friday Coziness.

Why go to the grocery store on a Friday night anyway?  First, we're out of serious food again, marked by "breakfast for dinner."  Also we only have a mail slot for our apartment, so when we receive a package we get a slip in the mail slot like this, telling us to pick up the package from a local business.

That's our footstool, not a pet.
The blue rectangle tells me it's at the Coop grocery store a few streets over on the Avenyn (our town's version of the Champs Elysees) and it's from my friend Cassie back home.  I'm going to relish the suspense a little longer and enjoy my rainy, windy Friday night at home with my loves.

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