Friday, March 7, 2014

Welcome to the old apartment

When I think of Swedish design I think spare and modern.  Our building was constructed from 1887-1889, so our apartment has some architectural features I didn't expect.  Here is the view from the sofa.

The hallway with pussy willows (!) in a niche.
Olivia is performing a dance for you.

 Living room

Dining room... a little more modern here.


The walls are very thick, which I'm sure our neighbors appreciate.  It also gives us windowsills the size of desks.

Master bedroom, complete with the Scandinavian concept of individual duvets.  Steve can throw his covers off while I tuck mine under my chin.


Jessica said...

That place looks huge!! Loving living vicariously through you :)

Mary said...

Anne, I love it! The floors, the high ceilings, the moldings! All my favorites. Not what I expected

Marlene said...

Thanks so much for sharing a peek into your new life! I think it's very exciting for you. I love the "old" feel for a time anyway. So, your apartment was completely furnished? That surely made moving to another country a lot easier.....just like moving into a vacation house for an extended period. :)

Cheryl said...

I love it! It has such great character!

Molly Cahill said...

Dear Anne,

Even if your apartment was a hole, I would still come visit you (because I love you, clearly). But now that I know that it's not, I am even MORE excited to see it in person.

Thank you for not living in a hole.