Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Quintessential Swede

Being in a city in Europe there is understandably a large dose of black in the clothing and outerwear I see.  But there is also a decent amount of ... let's call it flair.  Case in point:

It is not unlikely to see gals wearing patterned tights as pants, men wearing brightly colored/patterned clothing, or women in their 50s with purple hair.  Converse All-Stars are all the rage, as are Doc Martens in every color.  It's like flashes of the 80s and 90s punctuating the sea of drab.


Margaret said...

I see Bowen is taking notes on what's in fashion --outside!

Molly Cahill said...

I can dig it. Though I must wonder - has anyone ever stalker shot my outfit and posted it on their blog? Oh dear..!