Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Shake Shack

A Great Burger is something on our must-find list for Sweden, so today after our meeting with the relocation specialist we checked out Lasse på Heden, which from now on I will refer to as Shake Shack. It does serve shakes, hot dogs, meatballs, and also a pretty good burger.

Organic grass-fed beef is arguably healthier for you, but Steve and I didn't eat that way in the States, so it doesn't taste normal to us.  It was nice and juicy, but because Swedes also serve their burgers with Thousand-Island-esque dressing and lots of lettuce and tomato, it made for a very messy burger.  Fortunately they serve them in handy paper bags.

The Verdict?  This was pretty good, but we'll keep searching for A Great Burger in Gothenburg.

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