Monday, March 31, 2014


This car was parked in front of our building all weekend, so it greeted me every time I went outside.  I love it, even its canned-green-bean color.

Photobombed by a quintessential Swede.  Here's another one, for the record.  They're everywhere, I wasn't kidding.

Anyway, back to this adorable car.  It's an early '70s Rover P6 3500.  Since it's small and a V8, will it rear up when you floor it?  I bet it is more zippy than the Volvo I learned to drive on.

Speaking of Volvos, they're everywhere.  Taxis, police cars, even the buses.  Gothenburg is where they're made, and if you're familiar with their buying program this is where you meet your new baby and start your European vacation.  No, we are not planning to buy one.  Actually I'm happy to report that Steve's car arrived unharmed and cleared customs.  I'm looking forward to going for a ride up the coast.

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