Sunday, March 30, 2014


March has consistently been in the 40s, whether sunny or rainy, but the last few days of the month have been in the upper 50s and it really feels like spring.  We wanted to just take it easy this weekend, but we did get outside for a walk around town.

Common sight: random granite outcroppings in the middle of town
One of the Dutch-style canals

The kids ran around on this turf area with built-in trampoline.

We walked through the Feskek├┤rka ("fish church") which looks like a gothic church but is a fish market.

Swedes eat a lot of caviar, often on sandwiches or eggs
March was a good time to move here because it keeps getting warmer and lighter outside.  After dinner we walked over to have dessert in Haga.  This is how light it was at 6:30.

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