Sunday, April 27, 2014

Evening and Morning

Steve is back home after almost a week in Tokyo!  I thought it was really cool that the cherry blossoms were blooming here in Sweden and in Japan.

When he got home the kids and I were a little stir crazy, so we went outside to fly paper airplanes.

It was 7pm and many pink, scantily clad Gothenburgers were heading home from laying in the sun.  We could actually see all the patches of grass that had been matted down from sunbathers.  Others were grilling out on hibachis.  This was all on the campus of the university and not at a park, and illustrates the concept of allemansrätten - "every man's right" to recreate wherever he wants as long as he doesn't disturb or destroy.

Hide and seek

I think this is a pear tree based on the smell

We all got our wiggles out and went to sleep early.  And then a wonderful thing happened... Our kids played by themselves in their rooms until I woke up at almost 8 this morning.  !!!  If you have preschoolers you understand what a gift that is.  (And thank you to my friends back home who gave me great advice on how to keep Bowen from waking us up at 5am.)  This was the key factor...  Bowen knows he can't come out of his room until the numbers match, but he can turn on his lamp and play with his trains until 7.

My uncle Ray had a tradition of going out on Sunday morning to get fresh donuts for breakfast, and so my family always had scrambled eggs and sweet rolls of some sort.  Steve was still asleep when I got up, so I turned on cartoons and set out to find a bakery open before 9.  This is very much a night-owl city, so it's deserted and peaceful on Sunday morning.  I took this on my walk home from the store with my kanel fläta.

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