Monday, April 28, 2014


In this new home of ours it's hard not to do a constant comparison between life in the States and what I find here.  I imagine if we moved to an island somewhere or maybe somewhere in Africa or Asia I may just be overwhelmed enough that everything would be surprising and different.  For the most part life here is largely the same as the States, although I've found some notable differences.

Common in Sweden, but not in the US
Kinder Surprise
Playground merry-go-rounds
Eggs at room temperature

Common in the US, but not in Sweden
Varicella (chicken pox) vaccine
Decaf coffee

Also, I can tell that certain products are geared toward Scandinavia...

Oh, is this what the Northern Lights smell like?


Molly Cahill said...

Ooo! What do Northern Lights smell like? I have always wondered...

J. said...

"Homeschooling is only allowed for special and specific reasons such as for children of parents working temporarily in the country."

Guess you are clear to homeschool! (wink, wink) Jill