Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Date night: Bistro Merlot

I can't say enough good things about the opportunity to go out to dinner with Steve.  Our kids are little, and when you're in That Chapter of Life it's good to get away to have a chance to talk without being constantly interrupted or telling the littles to stop whining and eat their dinner.  Fortunately we have found a great babysitter, Astrid (a fairly common Swedish name, like the author of the Pippi books).  (I thought that was darling until I learned that her sister is named Elsa, and then I was in sugar shock.)  This week Astrid brought her American Girl, Mia, to share with Olivia, which is ironic because Olivia's American Girl is Kirsten, the Swedish immigrant.  (It was a gift from Grandma Hussey even before we knew we were moving here).

We're enjoying getting to sample Gothenburg's awesome restaurant scene, ticking off our list one week at a time.  Last week was Bistro Merlot, and as the name suggests it is a semi-casual French restaurant.

Steve had meat skewers over roasted potatoes with red wine sauce, and I had pork stuffed with figs and cheese with mushrooms and the most awesome pan sauce, along with potatoes gratin.  I wanted to lick the plate.

We opted to share dessert, and crème brûlée narrowly lost to "chocolate fondant, a chocolate experience."  That turned out to be chocolate lava cake, also very good.  So many great restaurants, so little time!  It's always a debate whether I want to go back to a place I loved or try something new.  First world problems, I get it.  We're so very thankful for good restaurants, a good babysitter, and room in our budget for eating out.

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