Monday, May 19, 2014


I spy Lucky Charms
We had a gorgeous weekend in Gothenburg!  Cool in the shade, warm in the sun -- my favorite kind of weather.  In the States our Saturday morning tradition was to go out for pancakes and omelettes, but breakfasts here usually consist of a sandwich and yogurt.  We had heard about a place that serves American (fluffy) pancakes, omelettes, and bagels, but we had also heard it can get crowded early.  Saturday was a big day in town, but we were up early so we checked out Egg and Milk.  It's decorated like a 50s diner and the food was just what we were hoping for.

Afterward we checked out a cobblestone climbing place around the corner.

And then we walked a couple more blocks to Plikta, the playground which is part of Slottskogen Park.

It was warmer and less crowded than the first time we went, and the water table was working.

All that and it wasn't even 11am.  When we headed back to the tram it was like swimming upstream because Slottskogen was the beginning and end of the world's largest half marathon on Saturday afternoon.  The race went right down our tree-lined street, and I'm sure the runners appreciated the shade.

Bowen was eating a snack after he woke up from his nap.
 A young man from Eritrea was this year's winner, the youngest yet.

I always appreciate it when runners wear costumes.

They included a bee, several clowns, a fireman+firewoman wearing all their gear, and the ugliest bride and Pippi Longstocking I've ever seen (both men).

It was a beautiful day for a race!

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Cassie Collins said...

Looks like a fantastic Saturday!!! Those costumes are hilarious too!