Monday, May 5, 2014

Date Night: Butcher's Market

This week we were in the mood to continue our search for A Great Burger.  Beef in Sweden can taste kinda weird, especially with "burger dressing," so we have yet to find a great burger in town. (Here is a previous attempt.)  A couple blocks from our apartment (read: dangerously close to home) is Butcher's Market.  It was raining, and when we got inside this place had instant coziness.

It was a little loud with upbeat music and close-knit seating, but it had a good vibe.

Butcher's Market describes itself as a "New York Prime Burger Joint" and I wasn't sure if that meant "prime" in the USDA sense or the more general sense.  Also I'm not familiar with New York style burgers.  They offer a few options (cheeseburger, mushroom/onion, bacon cheeseburger) but don't customize, so I was thankful that they don't use burger dressing.  They do include about five "pickled cucumbers," but they're easy to pick off.

The buns are made by a local bakery and held up nicely.  These juicy burgers come in a paper wrap to catch the drips, but I have a hard time navigating that so I usually end up going without and just washing my hands afterward.  Even with the mess this was a great burger, no weird beef taste.

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