Saturday, May 31, 2014


Today brought rain, which hasn't really been missed but is always kind of expected in Gothenburg.  It felt like we've had two Saturdays in a row already, so this morning when faced with yet another unscripted day we decided to pile in the car and head up the coast again.
Birches in the rain
We drove out toward the island called Marstrand.  We decided not to take the ferry over this time, but I'm looking forward to checking out that fortress on a prettier day.

Mom, these are for you. 

Poppies and Bachelor Buttons in the rain
Crossing the bridge
This evening the rain cleared up and our friends from church had us over for a cookout.  They are from England and much of their property is garden. (!!!) I'm borrowing these blue Centaurea Montana since I can't see mine growing in Virginia this year.

Matthew Perry cooked dinner for us

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