Sunday, June 8, 2014

First week of June

This week our date night was at Wasabi, a restaurant that serves sushi, Thai, and other Asian food.  It was still warm enough in the evening that sitting outside in the sun would be too hot, but in the shade it was comfortable without a jacket.  I miss having a patio to use for dinner, but outdoor seating at restaurants is my Swedish substitute.  After dinner we walked down the Avenyn--almost to the art museum--to check out Junggrens, perhaps the most Swedish café on the avenue.

Alas, we passed on the Swedish pastries in favor of Crema Catalana (like Crème brûlée) and espresso with the backdrop of teens decked out in formalwear for prom, walking from their dinner down the Avenyn to the dance.

Local gymnasiums (high schools) are also having graduation, so each day this week we saw graduates celebrating on these trucks that drive around town.

The days are definitely getting longer.  Here's what it looks like at 8pm.

June 6 is Sweden's National Day, celebrating their independence and granting another day off of school or work.  It was rainy again, so we headed to the kids' science museum for indoor fun.  We only saw half of it last time, so this time we checked out the animatronic dinosaurs, interactive games, and space exhibits.

Yesterday (Saturday) was gorgeous, though, so we set out to ride a ferry around the archipelago.  When we got to Saltholmen the next one wasn't leaving for another 45 minutes, so we walked around the marina and out on the rocks nearby, a serendipitous discovery.

It was a great vista for boatwatching... Cigarette boats, the huge Stena ferry, smaller ferries, motorboats, and so many sailboats.  

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