Monday, September 1, 2014


Our oldest is in kindergarten!

Meet the teacher day
The international school has a bumper crop of kindergartners this year, so Olivia's teacher is a recent import from Scotland.  And she's darling!  I like her style of teaching.

First day... and we're running late!
We're still getting used to the schedule of being somewhere at 8:30 with a backpack containing gym clothes, snack, homework folder, water bottle, and library books.  Fortunately the school is a few stops away from home, so during the first couple of weeks it wasn't a big deal for me to run back with her backpack.  (But now we're exploring natural consequences.)

They have melty beads... She's fine!
Before school started Olivia was a little anxious about something new.  I reminded her that her class would be full of kids her age who had never been to kindergarten. She had really missed being around other kids over the summer, so that did the trick.

I need to ask Olivia what some of these are.

Getting off the "school" bus
I am so thankful that Bowen's preschool is right next door to Olivia's school, and so close to our apartment.  They're both doing great in their new classes, and so excited to see each other at the end of the day.

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