Thursday, October 9, 2014

Kanold Bakery

Celebrity food blogger Amanda from recently visited Gothenburg and had an entertaining write-up.  (Disclaimer: She's sponsored by Volvo and the tourism board, so she's not paying for any of her expenses, they plan the trip for her, and she doesn't have kids.  Also, her photo editing style is supersaturated, so put your sunglasses on!  But I still find her endearing.)

One thing they must not have told Amanda about is Cafe Kanold, right around the corner from their chocolate shop Amanda visited in Victoriapassagen.  When my Tuesday morning walking/fika group did a city walk we ended up at this cafe for fika.  I've walked past it so many times, but never went in and I was immediately struck by its charm.

We were greeted by the lovely proprietor Jeanna Kanold and a huge selection of chocolates and baked goods.

I resisted the deliciousness and just ordered a house coffee (which was really good for the record).   My seasoned fika-mates knew what to order and then I wished I had a treat to eat, so later that night after dinner out with Steve I brought him back to Kanold. I ordered a scone, which may look like a healthy muffin when nestled among these other things, but not after you read the label.

Scone served with chocolate, berries, and whipped creammmmm.
Steve got a hot chocolate, which in the States would be considered sipping chocolate because of how rich it was.  Oh. my. word.  Another place to visit to ward off the winter chill!  Look at how pretty this chandelier looks in the dark.

I decided to savor the breadth of Kanold's offerings because this place is just a few blocks from home, so I look forward to trying some of the chocolates another time.  They feature things like chili flakes, liquer, gold leaf, sea salt, and pistachios.  The mocha chocolates contain the house coffee and are shaped like little mugs.

 Note to self: Figure out how to get sponsored to do this.  :)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for being such a wonderful blogger and travel host of my dreams.

Molly Cahill said...

Love the translation - win! Did you know that's what it was coming with?

Anne said...

I did! That's what my friend ordered at fika, and why I went back later with Steve.