Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Eat Street

Swedish-style, with heat lamps and blankets
Steve and I love to eat out, and one of my favorite places in my favorite city is Belden Place in San Francisco. (Read about two of our visits here and here.)  In the evening there are strands of lights adorning a block of restaurants with outdoor seating, each serving a different type of food.  Cafe Tiramisu is my favorite, the wonderful Italian place where I discovered puttanesca sauce.

In Gothenburg there is a block of restaurants like this on Magasingatan, and it's only right that we started at Magazzino, the Italian place.  The patio area is full of color; orange napkins, blue plates, bright blankets on the chairs, definitely a festive vibe.  I suspect a lot of the hotels send their clientele to Magasingatan because there are a lot of good choices in a small area, but it also means we overhear Americans whenever we're there.  I waffle between wanting to crash their tables and ask what they're doing here, or quietly flying under the radar like a local.

Being near the coast there seems to be seafood in almost every restaurant here, and at Magazzino I was happy to find a seafood ravioli, complete with a crayfish on top. 

I love having olives in the bread basket

I even like the font pairing on the menu
Just over the railing at the next restaurant I could see a couple enjoying margaritas and guacamole, so our next visit to Magasingatan was to Puta Madre.  Not only was I thrilled to have Mexican food again (a rarity here), my taco trio included corn tortillas!  This is the first place I have seen these in Gothenburg.  Everything was delicious.

Again, it's Gothenburg so the tacos were scallops, salmon, and white fish, but the sauces were definitely south-of-the-border.  Not sure if plaintain chips are Mex, but they were good.

Another rarity in Gothenburg is Chinese food.  There's plenty of sushi and Thai food, but I'm a sucker for potstickers so our next stop on Magasingatan was Beijing8.  Duck tends to be a trump card for me, so my imperative duck and ginger dumplings got paired with plum and ginger sauce and their house mango citrus iced tea.  Yum!  I also appreciated that Beijing8 was not super expensive, and the orders are small so you can try several kinds.

After dinner we like to walk around town a bit without worrying about the kids, especially while it's still light at this time of day.  Magasingatan is close to the inner canal, and on this particular evening there was a group kayaking lesson.

Christinae Kyrka and Stadsmuseet

Kungsportavenyn Number 1 

I think this was the event unveiling Volvo's all-new XC90.  Our invitation must have been lost in the mail.


Ulrika said...

I am in one of the yellow kayaks!
I found your blog a while ago and check in now and then since it is interesting to read about my home town of Gothenburg from a non-Swede's perspective

Anne said...

Fabulous! Thanks for your note, Ulrika. I wanted to be in the water with you. Our kayaks didn't get to come to Sweden with us, but there are so many places to paddle around here. We'll have to check out renting them next year. XX

Ulrika said...

We rented them at Lilla Bommen, by the opera house.