Monday, November 24, 2014

Winter Bazaar

And then, after Steve was gone for 10 days and we had the potluck Thanksgiving to prepare for, we also had Olivia's school's Winter Bazaar yesterday.  It's the big fund raiser for the school, organized by the PTA, and it was huge and zooey and lots of fun for the kids.  It's an international school, so parents from each participating country had a table where they could sell goods from that country, handcrafts, and baked goods.  The American moms each baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies and Rice Krispies treats to sell at our table.

Karen and Angela at the USA table

The kids could go around to the different country tables and do a craft or answer questions about that country to earn stamps in their little passport and eventually a free turn at the cake walk.

Decorating stars
The kindergarten families staffed the game room for the younger kids, so Steve and I helped out there and at the USA table.  I heard from one of the other moms that Steve was an awesome mopper at the duck pond.

I loved seeing all the activities we could do and buy. Decorate a tile at The Netherlands table.

Get your face painted.

Bid on a boozy Christmas cake lovingly baked and "fed" by my friend Kerry from the UK.  I had to explain to her why I initially laughed when she said she was donating a fruitcake.  Apparently America is the only place fruitcake is a joke.

The Sweden table had these awesome gingerbread houses for sale.

The Germany table had decorative cookies, wreaths with live greens, and these handmade paper stars.

There was a Spanish-speaking countries table, Africa table, Belgium, India, and several others.  In the cafeteria there was food from all over, and I'm kicking myself for not sneaking away for some Chinese food.  We left the bazaar as they were announcing the winners of the silent auction.  It was a fun day but lots of work and I'm kinda glad it's over.  Well, almost over.  Today one of the other American moms and I went to the middle school campus and sold the rest of our baked goods to the kids there over lunch.  I'm new to the whole PTA thing and it has the potential for wearing me out.  Is it always like this?

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J. said...

I wish I had your gift at friend making! Looks like you are having a wonderful time. Jill