Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Found this on CraigsList today, and the seller called me within 2 minutes of my email. Woot! Steve was all like "Will it fit in the car?" and I was all like, "It's a Pack 'n' Play."

[In his defense, I don't think I mentioned that it took two trips to get the crib. It was bigger than I expected and only about half the pieces fit in my car; I had to go back the next day with Steve's car for the rest.]

I had been debating about how to keep the baby in our room for easier night feedings the first few months. A drawer? A suitcase? Certainly one doesn't need a bassinet or cradle or cosleeper.

Enter the Graco Pack 'n' Play *with bassinet insert* and a bunch of other stuff I'm not sure what to do with yet. After the baby is older we can use it as a play yard so he/she can learn to entertain self and I can get stuff done without having the baby strapped to me papoose-style. (Although in the middle of winter that might be nice).


Elizabeth said...

You do realize you will have baby showers, right? So maybe you should tell us what you're having because we're not going to have anything left to buy you for this baby! Are you nesting already??

Brian said...

You sooooo need to use the drawer instead--it's so Seinfeld.