Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Checkup - 32 Weeks

My bi-weekly OB appointment results were good. BP was good, baby's heart rate was 126, abdominal measurement was 34 (consistent rate of growth). I tried looking for a chart of averages to see how I compare to the average, and finally someone clued me in that the textbook fundal height in cm corresponds to the week of pregnancy. I'd like to think I'm measuring in at 34 weeks (ahead of schedule!) and not think about the possibility that a gargantuan baby may well be delivered two weeks after my due date. What was that, Mom? Oh yeah. I suppose I should mention that I was a 9lb 2oz baby delivered, about two weeks after my mother's due date (which was almost the same day as mine). Eerily familiar.

Mom and I also started off our pregnancies at exactly the same weight (don't ask me about our height difference though). I gained 2 pounds in the last 2 weeks, which puts me into the suggested range of 25-35 pounds for the *entire pregnancy*. The experts suggest gaining about a pound a week at this stage by adding 300 additional calories to my normal diet. I have never learned to count calories, but somehow I don't think they are supposed to come from eating Almond Roca at every given opportunity. (Aside: My chocolate binge last night gave me some rather unfortunate results, the details of which are TMI -- you're welcome, but I am mentioning it here so I remember.) I chuckle when I see suggestions of how to wisely increase caloric intake, like "choose arugula, mustard greens or spinach rather than iceberg lettuce." There is not one green vegetable in my refrigerator. "Eat sliced fruit instead of a cookie." How many apples & grapes correspond with a dozen cookies? "Choose juices fortified with calcium and other nutrients." Why don't they make Diet Coke with calcium? I kid, I kid. I'm not really eating that poorly, but considering all the things pregnant ladies are not supposed to eat, what is left is kinda boring so excuse me if I supplement with chocolate. For the antioxidants.

Speaking of food, my belly button is officially an outie. It was kind of half-in-half-out there for a while, and I'm hoping there is some kind of tie-in to the Butterball thermometer indicating that this little turkey is ready to come out of the oven.

I think I'm getting closer to choosing a pediatrician. I ask anyone with children who they use, and everyone seems to be ardently loyal to their own doctor. Even though this is a small town, there are several highly recommended doctors with night and weekend hours, separate waiting rooms for sick and well patients, and who accept our insurance. A good problem to have, but how do I choose?

And, finally, I think Steve and I have decided on a first name. We will not be using Cornelius or Jemima, so pregnant friends may feel free to use those. Now if we can narrow down the middle names to three or less, I am okay with putting off the final decision for after we meet the kid.

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