Monday, October 27, 2008


I'd like to retract my earlier statement about the acne... As Stu would say, you don't mention the no-hitter. By the way, Stuart and Christina just had a beautiful baby girl, Annika. Congrats!

There seems to be no consensus on the foot size issue; everybody is affected differently. So I decided not to go all-out and buy a whole bunch of new shoes, but I did get a couple new pairs so that I can appear in public without my driving moccasins. As I was trying a new pair on, another shopper carrying a baby said that she wore the same ones when she was pregnant. Sold! The best part? They slide on. Now if I could only skip the sock-wrangling.

In general I feel pretty good, although I get out of breath pretty easily and I still have the heart-pounding issue (due to increased blood volume). Singing and eating are getting more difficult as my organs get squished by the baby & entourage. Getting up off the floor or sofa or bed involves a new center of gravity (and pretty pathetic abs) so I'm gladly enlisting the help of anyone standing nearby. But even with all these challenges, pregnant life is still easier than I expected.

Last week I found a Diaper Champ, Gymini play mat, and crib mirror on CraigsList for a fraction of the price of buying them new. Kohls had a great sale going on (what's new?) so I ordered a Lamaze carrier toy, a frog bath toy scoop, and a high chair. And I finally made a decision on a stroller and car seat... The Peg Perego Pliko P3 is last year's model so we got it for half off, plus it folds smaller and weighs much less than any of the Graco travel system strollers, and is more sturdy than a Combi. We got a Graco SafeSeat because of the higher weight limit (30lb) and I like the color, plus it fits into the stroller. With the furniture still piled in the middle of the room from the painter, all this new gear, and the huge pile of shower gifts spilling into the hallway, we've got quite the baby clutter thing going on. We are *still* waiting on the chair rail to be installed, so after that goes in (hopefully later this week) I'm looking forward to getting things put away and organized.

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