Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The feet of a princess

Princess Fiona, that is. I wake up every morning with my feet and ankles swollen, so I apologize in advance for laughing when you suggest I put my feet up. I would love to live out the remainder of my pregnancy executive-desk-style, but no amount of elevation or limiting sodium seems to affect the cankles. And they jiggle when I walk, in case I forgot the fact that even my new "big" shoes don't really fit. Remind me next time to be due in the summertime so I can wear flip flops during this stage.

It's Week 35... I feel pretty good, actually. Ligament pain is still there, but most days aren't bad. I've been sleeping well, eating well, keeping busy, and hanging out with friends as much as I can while the logistics are still easy. It's high season in Jewelry Land, so I'm way behind on my lollygagging.

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