Tuesday, December 23, 2008

39 Weeks (and change)

Today I saw Dr. Craft for my weekly checkup. My BP is normal, I've gained 3lb of Christmas cookie weight since last week, and my abdominal measurement was less than noteworthy (I didn't ask). He said the baby's heart rate is healthy and the internal exam confirmed what I suspected; there's nothing happening in that neck of the woods (the words "unfavorable," "uncooperative," and "unripe" were used). My due date is this Friday, so I'll go for my regular checkup next week unless I go into labor before then.

Audrey the nurse gave us some feedback on the first name we've chosen and the middle names we're considering. I guess we're not going with Franz Hubert/Helga Magdalena after all.

This morning Steve and I were trying to estimate our 2009 medical expenses for the FSA, so I finally picked a pediatrician (Dameron) in order to talk to the receptionist to get an idea of how many well-baby visits we can expect to have. Of course I can still be swayed because we don't officially pick a doctor until the baby arrives, so feel free to make last-ditch plugs for your pediatrician of choice. It's funny how ardently everyone "sells" their doctor, which is annoying because it doesn't help me to make a decision but also comforting that perhaps this town only has excellent pediatricians.

My symptoms in general: I'm feeling well overall, up and about, sleeping as well as can be expected. The round ligament pain has gotten better, acid reflux has gotten worse, I still have Fiona Feet and nighttime arthritic hips, and from time to time I still get that other TMI symptom which will remain nameless (you're welcome, Nooty). New this past week: The baby pushes on the low anterior part of the entourage to the point where I have to practice my breathing exercises. Also I have started getting what I think are back spasms; throbbing pain in my thoracic vertebrae for 5-10 seconds and then it goes away. That, too, may just be the baby reacting to increasingly cramped quarters.

Anyway, I'm being patient and content to be pregnant, and very much looking forward to a quiet Christmas at home. I wish you safety, fun, and good food this week!

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