Monday, December 22, 2008

Plan A, Plan B

I would love to know when this baby is going to make an appearance, but it dawned on me that clearing my schedule is not the way to deal with the suspense. So I'm putting stuff on the calendar and making plans with my friends and family, realizing that there's a Plan B for every Plan A event. Plan A: Walk with Mom*, Coffee with Jill*, Weekly Checkup*, Winter Wonderland*, Christmas Eve Service*, Cinnamon Rolls and Fruit Compote*, Open Gifts*, Pot Roast and Ambrosia Salad for Dinner*, Lunch with out-of-town friends*...

*Unless I go into labor, in which case Plan B is to put my glasses and robe in my hospital bag, shave, close my Etsy store, call the dog sitter, and email people involved with any Plan A activities.

I'm kind of glad to be able to participate in Christmas events, because if the baby were already here I might be kinda tied down and exhausted this week. I've gotten together with my girlfriends to make jewelry and knit, had people over to eat and watch football, gone out to eat a lot, drove to Gainesville a couple times for "last hurrahs" at Bonefish & Wegmans (and may continue to do so until the baby comes), and made every effort to just enjoy my time with Steve in general.

Not to mention that all this time I have been filling jewelry and kit orders for Christmas. More about that here.

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Elizabeth said...

Add to Plan B: Eat. Even if you aren't hungry. They won't let you eat once you're admitted. Trust me, I didn't eat for 36 hours and even then I was stuck with an all liquid diet (due to the c-section).