Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New life

I love spring!  So many things about it represent new life...  Flowers, robin eggs, Easter (the cross, not the bunny), ducklings, bright green grass, leaf buds popping out...   My orchid is not to be outdone by the fruit trees; it has two branches full of blooms. 

Aaaaaaaaannnd there's a baby growing in my belly!  We are thrilled to be expecting this new little one in October.  I am so thankful that Olivia is still napping well because this whole first trimester has been a challenge for me to make it past lunchtime before collapsing into bed.  (Sorry for the lack of posting lately.)  I had morning sickness for a few weeks early on, but I'm feeling fine now, hungry all the time.  I'm so excited for several of my friends to be in my People Who Were Pregnant At The Same Time Club.

The early OB appointments have gone well, but it's a little strange to be starting out with a different practice.  (My previous OB quit 8 months into my first pregnancy.)  The first ultrasound (3/17) showed the baby all curled up and quiet, but that strong little heartbeat was so reassuring for Steve and me to see.  At 11 weeks the doc said it was a little early to heart the heartbeat on the Doppler, but then he tried it and didn't get a reading and didn't want to send me home like that, so he squeezed me in for a little surprise ultrasound.  The baby was moving around like crazy, somersaults and stretches, and the heartbeat was just fine.  I'm sorry, but that little one on the screen is so much cuter than the illustrations.

Olivia is doing really well, talking and singing all day long.  We haven't tried to explain the baby thing yet, but she loves her doll baby and reads to her, feeds her, and teaches her letters.  She says lots of things that make us laugh ... "Hmmm... Let's see," "Not yet," "Where we goin-in?"  When she sees us in the morning it's "Good nap?"  Songs include the ABCs, Twinkle Star, Baa Baa Blacksheep.  Wants to know the name for everything ("What dat called?") and she looooves watching Caillou. 

Happy spring!  Here's to new life.


butterfingersforbreakfast said...

Awesome news Anne!! Congratulations!!!! Two is definitely a whirlwind, so enjoy this time as much as you can with just Olivia :) So happy for you all and praying it all goes well and you start hitting that second trimester good stuff :) Give my congrats to Steve!

kateypie35 said...

Congratulations!!! Very exciting! I am about to have my second, so we are pregnant at the same time for approximately 4 weeks. Lol!

Casey Henry said...

Congratulations! I was wondering if that was why you hadn't posted much. You can add me to the People Who Are Pregnant At The Same Time Club. I'm 21 weeks with a boy. Due August 26. I'm gearing up for a whole new adventure and a new chapter in my life. So cool that we'll have kids almost the same age!

Jessica said...

Shut UP!! :) Yay Yay Yay!! Well that's just really fabulous news... Also, I'm totally befuddled as to HOW on earth I missed this post! Last time I looked it was a post about pancakes, now there's 3 posts up!
I'm thrilled for you, Steve,& Olivia this is wonderful news... *hugs*