Monday, July 25, 2011


Steve and I spent the weekend in Bermuda, and it was wonderful.  15 degrees cooler (85°) than it was at home (101°), surrounded by turquoise water and white-roofed buildings wherever we went, and the people we met (mostly cabbies) were so cheerful and friendly.  

Why Bermuda for a weekend?  It started when Steve talked to customer service with the airline involved in our cancelled England trip, and they offered us flight vouchers.  DC is not their hub, so the options were places like Charlotte, Cleveland, and Philadelphia.  Or Bermuda.  And the only non-stop Bermuda flights this airline offers are on the weekend, so we stayed over in DC on Friday night, flew (2 hours) on Saturday morning, and flew back on Sunday.  Each time we go to Bermuda we stay somewhere different, and this time we chose a resort on a bay. (No waves = sit in the water with my virgin pina colada and no belly weight).  We left Olivia home with Grandma and Papa, and it was SO nice to be able to relax on the beach all afternoon and then go for a long, late dinner at a British-style brewpub.


Grotto (cave) on site

The view from our balcony
Out of all the islands we've visited, Bermuda is definitely our favorite.  If you want to read about one of our previous trips, click here, and see a few pictures from that trip here.

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