Thursday, June 19, 2014


I love the architecture in Gothenburg, especially the round corner domes.

And there are so many here!  I'm always whipping out my phone to snap a picture because they look different depending on the angle and lighting.  I don't know what they're called, or much about architecture in general, so I'll stick to pictures.  I'm adding quickly to my door collection, too.  My mom collects chimneys.  We're happy to leave them where they are, though.  I added this door to my collection back in 2007; this picture hung in our house at the top of the stairs until we moved here.

The other day I found the door again while Steve and I were walking around.

I love the decorative corbels holding up balconies around town, too.

And this gorgeous corner (swoon)!

I'm working on getting my million architecture pictures edited and into a web album, and I added a slideshow over on the sidebar.


J. said...

A little jealous because I'm just photographing the Handley Library dome over and over and over again. Haha. Jill

Anne said...

I still love Handley Library, inside and out. You should check out the Wells Fargo building down the block, or the railing at Dancing Goat. Or come crash on my sofa! Miss you, Jill.