Saturday, June 21, 2014

Midsommar (Midsummer)

The summer solstice marks the biggest summer holiday in Sweden - Midsummer.  The summers are short, so the Swedes really know how to enjoy themselves.  We joined friends from church for the festivities at the Trädgårdsföreningen (Horticultural Society Gardens) on Midsummer's Eve.  Flowers and greenery are available to make head wreaths and decorate the maypole before it is raised.

Kathy and Jazmine from church

At this location (one of several public events in Gothenburg) there was a dancing troupe wearing traditional folk clothing from different parts of Sweden.

At Midsummer Swedes eat traditional foods like pickled herring, boiled eggs, and the first potatoes and strawberries of the season.

The picnic blanket next to ours
We headed home ("for Bowen's nap") before we were invited to do the frog dance around the maypole.

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