Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The rest of the summer

Hi, everyone.  Last time we chatted I told you about our adventures while my parents were visiting us in Gothenburg.  As soon as they left the weather returned to its impossibly beautiful normal self, 70-something and sunny.  After taking three weeks off of work, Steve returned to the office and the kids and I were on our own and unscripted.  After playing cruise director for July I was kinda tired of planning activities, plus I generally don't enjoy going places while I'm outnumbered by children, so for that first week of August there's not a lot to report. We cat sat for friends down the street who were on vacation. Yes, Olivia is wearing her jammies and Bowen is wearing her shorts here. Don't judge.

The next week was the first day of preschool in Sweden.  Bowen is at a new international preschool this school year, right next to Olivia's new school and much closer to home.  They have toy trains, so he's doing fine.

Olivia didn't start school for a few more weeks, so we got to do fun stuff without him, like the natural history museum.


In the picture with my feet I'm laying in a friendship swing, listening to the wind in the birch trees and watching Olivia be a monkey.  And here's a video of her on the slide at Plikta.  I asked her to let me know before she came, hence all the yelling at the start.  

What else did we do?  Lunch at Daddy's office.




Jumped in puddles.

The Three R's to keep the brain sharp.

When Bowen and Daddy were home we did other fun things, too, like Gothenburg's Culture Festival.

I just read Jen Hatmaker's post from the end of last summer and laughed out loud because I can relate.  I so love the Staples commercial with the parents buying school supplies and singing, "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year," and our kids haven't even started real school yet. (For the record it first aired the year I graduated from high school, before I even met our kids!)  Summer is fun, but I'm ready for the structure that fall brings.

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