Saturday, September 20, 2014


The I have a backlog of posts to write, but the most interesting subject tends to be the most current.  It's a crisp fall day so this morning our family walked through Haga, bustling with the brunch crowd, to check out the English Shop in Linné, the neighborhood surrounding Linnégatan, named after the great Swedish scientist Carl Linnaeus (Carl von Linné).  He's the guy who came up with binomial nomenclature, or the Latin name for plants and animals, comprised of genus and species.  Quercus alba is white oak, for example. Plant Taxonomy was one of my favorite classes in college. #nerdalert

I digress.  The English Shop caters to expats who can't find certain items from their home countries, and it does specialize in British foodstuffs.

I'm afraid to know what cockles and kippers are.

So glad they still carry this. 

What's better than Marmite?  Marmite in a squeeze bottle.
If there's any doubt about whether there's a big enough market for overpriced imports, I'll have you know that the tower of cases of Cadbury Creme Eggs that was as tall as me has long been sold out.  Now there is a tower of canned pumpkin puree that is not quite as tall.  Do Brits even make pumpkin things?  I have two precious cans of it that I got for a pretty penny.  American readers, do not take for granted the ability to buy canned pumpkin in stores.  Or pumpkin spice things.  Or any flavored coffee.  Happy Fall, y'all.

We also stopped for treats around the corner at Cupcake Time. The only flavor we didn't get was licorice.


J. said...

You can get canned pumpkin--8 huge cans--for like 5 dollars at Costo right now...along with a variety of lighted snowmen, reindeer, etc.

J. said...

You can get an 8-pack of huge cans of pumpkin for like $5 at Costco right now...along with lighted reindeer, snowmen, etc.