Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Slottskogen Park

We've have had impossibly beautiful weather this year, with the exception of the hot week my parents were here in July and the rainy, chilly first two weeks of August (which got me pretty down because I thought that was marking the beginning of winter).  Right now the daylight is about the same as in the States, the temperature is crisp (cool mornings, warm afternoons), and the skies have been clear for a while.  I'm trying to be out outdoors as much as I can, so I've been at the park a lot.  Olivia's school had an inservice day last week, so we packed a lunch and headed to Plikta, the playground within Slottskogen Park.

Nearby a couple gals were practicing on aerial silks, so that was interesting to watch.

Olivia is really good about checking in before going to another section of the playground, so I got to sit and read while she played.

A great way to wait for the tram
Another day we went to Plikta after school with my friend Fran, a nanny.  She had one of her charges along with her, and Olivia was thrilled to have a playmate while Bowen and I got down and dirty in the sandbox.  This apparatus is for kids to dump sand down various chutes, after which their adult buddy fills up the sand bucket and hands it up to them.  Many minutes of fun.

Also, I went down the Big Slide with Bowen, which was surprisingly fun.

"We want to sleep here tonight."

On a Saturday we went to see the zoo section of the park with Steve.

Harbor seals
Ducks even have their own cute house

fika break

"And this is the living room..."

Humboldt penguins
Moose mama & baby
 We found yet another playground, this one with a bug theme.

Can you spot the spider?
Another day the walking group did a Slottskogen route, after which we had fika outside at the cafe.  Look at this spread!  So tempting, but a mug of warm tea was what really hit the spot that morning.

All this in one park, dubbed the Green Heart of Gothenburg.  I'm so glad this city has such cool recreational areas.

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