Saturday, September 13, 2014

Stora Amundö

I love being so close to the sea where we can just hop on a ferry and go explore an island.  Today we checked out one that is accessible by bridge, so we just drove to the parking lot and walked over.  

The only hips that are bigger in Sweden than America

The facitilies
Part of the trail winds through oak forests.  I know this from the leaves and acorns, but I've never seen oaks that look like this.

We found several varieties of mushrooms.  We're allowed to pick wild mushrooms (and berries) in Sweden, but we left these in place.  

The trail opens up when you get near the water, so then there's a whole new set of things to explore.  Just beyond the rocks here there are 13 small white buoys marking a snorkel trail.  

Back into the woods

And back out to the shore
I feel like every time we find a new spot it's my favorite, and Stora Amundö is no exception.  It's an interesting hike, great views, not far from home, no ferry needed.

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J. said...

What a beautiful hike!