Thursday, September 11, 2014


We are having so much fun soaking up life in Sweden, but it's not all happy.  It's life, and with that comes ups and downs.  The first cold virus of the school year is making its way through our family ("Thanks for sharing!") so the kids and I have had to miss out on things.  When I'm sick it's a good time to sit and do something mundane, like crop and color-correct photos.  Each year I do an annual photobook of what we did, but because of the move I never did the one for 2013.  (And I keep taking tons of pictures, so I don't want to think about the one for 2014).  It was a good project to keep my mind off the fact that my throat hurts and I can't breathe through my nose.  That is, until my thoughts went back to summertime in Virginia...

Our own sandbox right in the back yard

Lazy Saturday morning on the porch


Gentle blue mountains

Our own sidewalk

Grilling out on Labor Day

Warm enough for an outdoor pool

Canning peach jam (with friends)

Fire pit (at our friends' house)

Yes, I cried a little, which I realize is kind of pathetic.  I love our apartment, school, and church family here, having Steve home for dinner every night, the break from yard work and home maintenance, and the amazing beauty that Sweden offers.  But it's still Sweden, so I'm going to get homesick from time to time and y'all are gonna hear about it so you don't think life here is just fika and rainbows. Yesterday my friend brought apples from her tree so I made apple crisp, our Bible study had a great discussion of Ruth, I took a break from nostalgia-inducing photo editing, Steve and I had awesome burgers (a rare find in Sweden) on our date, and I read a sweet email from my dad. Those things comforted me quite a bit, but today it's September 11 and a new round of tears, mostly from stories and pictures on Facebook.  It's weird to be far from home today, Memorial Day, and July 4.  I'm proud to be an American, and thankful to be in a safe country with a lot of liberties along with many asylum-seekers who don't enjoy those benefits in their home countries.  And as much as I hate puffy eyes and blowing my nose, I am grateful for Facebook keeping us all connected.  And the Sudafed from my parents. (There is no effective cold medicine sold in Sweden).

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